People sometimes ask my advice on which camera to buy. I’m always happy to offer thoughts, although ultimately it’s down to the individual and how they would like to use their camera. There will be something which suits their needs.

The next stage, having bought the camera, is to use it. Many times, people have told me they own a nice camera but are unsure how to use the functions beyond automatic mode. The comments come from a range of people, those hoping to take nicer family photographs, professional bloggers wanting to improve their social media presence with better images, and pet guardians looking to create memories of their companion animals.

This is where learning with a tutor can help. Working together, we will practice using your camera, exploring the features as we work to create a range of pictures. It is important to find your own style, and this is something we can explore during the tutoring.


To book, please contact me. Under current circumstances, sessions take place using Zoom, or at a local outdoor area. Please get in touch to discuss other location options. Tutoring costs £25 an hour.