Windows to the Soul

Having been a vegetarian for over three decades, I turned to veganism in 2015. Raising awareness of animal welfare issues is one of the causes closest to my heart.

These images are portrait photographs of animals which are commonly used for various products. The message behind the photographs is that we are all animals together, and that no animal should be viewed as a resource for humans. We all have the inner spark, the desire to live, and we all deserve the opportunity for a peaceful life. 

I hope that the images emphasise not only the beauty of the creatures concerned, but the fact that these are living beings with whom we share the planet. They have lives which are not ours to take, and we should be working to protect the environment rather than destroying their habitats in order to farm them.

The photographs were first displayed at ‘Behind Closed Doors’, an animal welfare art exhibition which took place in London in May 2017. From London, the pictures went to Beijing for a major vegan themed convention, ChinaFit 2017. The photographs attracted attention from the local media, including BBC Wiltshire Radio (click arrow below to listen to the interview), and also received coverage in China. Prints are available to buy, please contact me for information, or visit my Etsy store


For more details about veganism, the Veganuary website has a lot of useful pages.

A UK charity, Veganuary is dedicated to changing public attitudes, while providing all the information and practical support required to make the transition to veganism as easy and enjoyable as possible. As a start, people are encouraged to try going vegan for January. Hence the name Veganuary.

I also recommend the Towards A Compassionate Nation (TACN) site for information. Towards A Compassionate Nation is a China based charity and co-sponsors of ChinaFit 2017. Working to improve animal welfare in China, TACN also promote a healthy and cruelty-free lifestyle around the world.